Steel Wire Rope Slings

Steel wire rope slings consists of several strands of metal wire twisted into a helix. wrought iron wires used to be used, but now days steel is the main material used for wire ropes. From past times steel wire rope slings have evolved from steel chains which had a record of failure.


Types Of Splices – Steel Wire Rope Slings

Super Loop
  • S01Flemish Eye with tapered steel ferrule
  • Very efficient
  • Robust steel ferrule
  • Tapered ferrule to prevent snagging
  • No galvanic action between rope & ferrule
  • Recommended also for fiery coal mines – does not have a low temperate spark
  • S02Turnback Eye with Aluminium ferrule
  • Economic and efficient


hand Splice
  • S03Standard Liverpool or Admiralty methods
  • Other special hand splices available


Copper Ferrule Mechanical Splice
  • S04For termination of stainless steel ropes