Plain Trolley

Plain trolley hoists serve as an alternative in lower capacity applications, however higher capacities are also available. Plain Trolley hoists need manual handling to direct movement in a traversing direction. They operate on flat or tapered beams, and support a hoist with top hook or lug mount suspension.elift-plain-trolley

Plain Trolley Hoists Features:

  • Single shaft design.
  • Install bend-ear type side plate.
  • Disassemble easily & working freely.

Plain Trolley Hoists Precautions:

  • Overloading is strictly prohibited.
  • While lifting load, passing or working under the lifting load is strictly prohibited.
  • Stop operating immediately and fix a breakdown in case pull/push force exceeds that of normal operations or there are troubles.
  • Bearing, gear, etc. should be greased regularly and examine fasteners to make sure that they are tightened.