Geared Trolley

Hand geared trolley hoists are brilliant when accurate load spotting must be done. Geared trolley hoists are also called hand geared trolley hoists and a looped hand chain is connected to the hoist, which will be attached to a hand chain wheel or sprocket. When the user pulls the hand chain or the sprocket it then engages the gears which facilitate wheel movement. When the user starts pulling the chain, the trolley will travel in the opposite direction. Quality Lifting offer a variety of geared trolley hoists for all your needs.

Geared Trolley Hoists Features:

  • Single shaft design.
  • Install bend-ear type side plate.
  • Disassemble easily & working freely.

Geared Trolley Hoists Precautions:

  • Overloading is strictly prohibited.
  • While lifting load, passing or working under the lifting load is strictly prohibited.
  • Stop operating immediately and fix a breakdown in case pull/push force exceeds that of normal operations or there are troubles.
  • Bearing, gear, etc. should be greased regularly and examine fasteners to make sure that they are tightened.


geared trolley hoists